Once I had the freedom to travel I packed my paints & brushes in a suitcase & started travelling. Discovering Ibiza felt as relief & expansion. For the past 15 years Ibiza has inspired me to do what I do best, to follow my heart. My 1st art project was in the Sinai Desert.

Anybody who helped clearing the rubbish would leave her/his mark on what would become the world’s largest Papyrus. Despite of many volunteers & great enthusiasm of the people, I didn’t see eye to eye with the Egyptian government to finish this project. I received sponsorship from Hilton Hotels for shipping the rubbish to Cairo, plus free full accommodation for 10 days for the period of 2 months for the volunteers.

During the 6 months in the Sinai Desert I developed the art of reading Aura’s. I have practiced Aura Reading Energy-field consulting for 7 years in Ibiza around the globe.

In Berlin with an Artist friend & co owner of The Gallery Einstein, I have organised Art Exhibitions for Dennis Hopper, Wim Wenders, Helmut Newton. My Paintings I had made throughout the years were exposed during the period of 10.11.2000 untill 31.3.2001 in the Gallery Einstein. Most of my paintings remained as the Private collection of the Gallery Einstein.

The idea of making Collages happened at my partner’s atelier while he was showing me his collections of photo’s & postcards. Combining and transforming these old images with the actual material I had gathered during my travels inspired me to try something new. Like Everything else it’s an ongoing proces. My images thrive on Transformation.